Ninja-for boys and girls ages 3-11. This class is fast paced, fun, and for kids with tons of energy!
Cheer FUNdamentals-3 levels of classes to master. 12 week curriculum focused on fundamentals of cheerleading. Basic stunting and tumbling, jump technique, motions and dance. Great intro into cheerleading.
Stunt-Learn body control, body awareness and how to stunt. Great class for anyone interested in learning to stunt and improve their jumps.
Dance Combo (tap, jazz, and ballet)
Hip Hop
Tumbling-tumbling class is for ages 10 and up OR for anyone with a backhandspring.
Tumble Bear-tumbling class for ages 3-9. There are 6 levels in tumble bear. Once your child tests out of level 6, they will then move to the tumbling class.
Tryout 101- This class is a must for any middle/high school aged kid wanting to try out for their school team. This class will prepare them fully for tryouts.