All classes listed below participate in our annual recital each June at The Saenger in Biloxi.

Dance Combo-in this class, your child will learn tap, jazz, and ballet progressions and dance combos. Classes are broken into ages 3-5, 6-9, and 10-18.

Hip Hop Class- in this class, your child will learn all the latest and greatest hip hop moves and dances. Our hip hop class is very fun and interactive. Always a favorite!

Jump class-in this class, you child will learn all the basic components of how to jump! We will review the jump approach, the actual jump, and the landing. Your child will become a better and more advanced jumper from this class.

Flyer class-this class is perfect for any age and any ability level. We will teach the students overall body awareness. They will also learn how and when to pull the proper body positions.

Ninja Class-Hands down one of the coolest classes we offer at CZA! It’s an intro to tumble class while infusion martial arts, parkour, and fitness skills all rolled into one.

Tumble Bear- a CZA classic! 12 week curriculum with levels. Each child will learn tumbling objectives each week while having fun. This class is only offered for ages 3-9. Fantastic proven curriculum!